Hi! I’m Mahfam Malek, a facilitator/trainer, healing practitioner-in-training, and creator/writer.

I am a queer & genderfluid Iranian-American immigrant who has worked in various capacities in the movement for social justice with emphases in climate justice, healing & transformative work, and cultural & grassroots organizing. My experience spans roles such as facilitator of community-focused anti-oppression trainings and creative workshops; employee, volunteer, or board/steering committee member of non-profits; and the ever present practice of simply being a good person & conscientious community member. Most recently, I have begun working to bring the transformative power of somatics to practice clients one-on-one, as a practitioner-in-training.

With my lived experience as an often working class, immigrant, queer and genderqueer woman of color, I bring an intersectional lens and unique insight into the various locations where social transformation happens.

My education & training consists of years of leadership development, trainings and workshops with organizations like generative somatics, Rockwood Leadership Institute, Green For All’s Academy, Brown Boi Project, Training for ChangeEngage Network, Movement Generation, and Peacock Rebellion, in addition to a BA in Film Studies from UC Santa Barbara. I believe in creating space for all voices & experiences, and that culture, art, & healing catalyze the joy & interconnection that are integral to social transformation.

Additionally, I have been performing everything from poetry to hip-hop dance to not terrible social justice-oriented stand-up comedy to bad covers of Radiohead songs since around puberty.

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